Touring with Terry

Terry Heffron’s curiosity led her to a career as a reporter for daily and community newspapers and the Associated Press. Later she focused on Public Relations and Marketing for small businesses and non-profit organizations, relishing the commitment, close relationships, and instant impact. Love of language turned her into a fierce Scrabble player and a sense of adventure led her to climb Kilimanjaro, snorkel the Great Barrier Reef and venture alone into the streets of Guangzhou with not a word of Chinese. Two cats and an immense extended family keep her grounded. The limits and possibilities of age and mobility are her current exploration.  Her journalistic lens has shaped her view of life and the world, and she follows the motto: whatever comes your way, you can always write about it. Share Terry’s journey with the Motivo Tour as it increases her mobility, expands her world and enhances her quality of life in “Touring with Terry."

What's in a Name?

Terry was never much for naming things, but she felt her Tour deserved one. She wanted it to be perfect. But nothing seemed fitting for her spicy Salsa Red Tour...until a passing teenager made the perfect reference. Find out what name Terry settled on for her Tour.

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