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Aging in Place: What Do You Need to Think About Now?

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According to the National Aging in Place Council (NAIPC), more than 90 percent of older adults prefer to age in place rather than move to senior housing. By a widely accepted definition, to age in place means a choice to remain in the home during the prestige of the senior years versus moving to a smaller home, assisted living or to a retirement community.

By choosing to stay at home, the homeowner will be accepting more responsibility for maintaining their independence. They may not be anticipating the significance of that responsibility, especially with regard to the amount of physical labor, or even the expenses, involved with keeping the home in the kind of pristine condition they might be accustomed to.

When talking about the decision to stay home and age in place, it’s helpful to think about changing the conversation from aging to accessibility. The comforts of home are only truly comfortable when that functionality is maintained, and while some home modifications can be made, accessibility remains paramount to happiness in the home. Healthy aging is the direct result of healthy living, so wellness, safety, dignity and the ability to live as independently as possible is where the Motivo Tour excels, even inside the home.

It’s never too early to think about an Aging in Place consultant. These are specialists who consult with home remodeling companies and the homeowners to discuss the specific needs of older adults. Factoring health and safety solutions into the plans for any remodeling will pay dividends down the road.

Beyond simple aesthetics, the homeowner should be considering how they’re going to enhance or bring better accessibility to the parts of the home they love the most. It’s smart to think about the patio or the outdoor spaces, like how they’ll be kept up as well as how easy it needs to be for one to move from inside to outside.

When thinking about easy accessibility, home automation is top-of-mind for today’s modern house. This includes lighting controls, fixtures that cast a stronger light for better visibility inside the home as well as how this can improve security and alter the mood with just a touch of a button.

Finally, there’s a new growing trend in hiring the help of professional organizers. These are folks who are able to sort through accumulated belongings and make recommendations or create new solutions for storage. They can also help determine what will and won’t be needed day to day. This takes the stress off the family, when heirlooms and other valuables can be better organized and the home can be decluttered and best prepared for aging in place.