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Melanie is a bright, funny and inspiring young woman who hasn't let her mobility and vision challenges prevent her from going away to college and pursuing her aspirations. Join us as we visit Melanie to learn how her beloved Motivo Tour, “Carla Santana¨ has helped her navigate campus life and achieve her goals.


Dayton, OH

Judy is a lifelong nurse and retired Colonel in the U.S. Army who hasn’t let scoliosis stop her from staying active and continuing to care for her mother. Join us as we visit Judy in Minnetonka, Minnesota to see how her Motivo Tour keeps her moving toward her goals.


Minnetonka, MN

Scott is an adventurous man with a zest for life who hasn’t allowed his mobility issues to stop him from doing the outdoor activities he enjoys most. Join us as we visit northern Minnesota to see how the Motivo Tour helps Scott live his life to the fullest and “follow the sun."


Longville, MN