Frequently Asked Questions / Specifications

Key Specifications

 Size — Opened

24" W x 32" H x 27" D


Size — Folded

24.5" W x 32" H x 17" D


Wheel Size



Product Weight

18.5 lbs


Seat Dimensions

18.7" W x 10" D

User Weight / Seat Capacity

300 lbs.


Handle Height Adjustment

31" - 37"


User Height Range

Approx. 5'1" - 6'4"


Seat Height

18.5" (fixed)


Storage Compartment

18" W x 6" D x 11" H


Is the Tour covered by Medicare?
While the Tour meets or exceeds all requirements for a rolling walker, the Tour is not coded for Medicare.


Why is it not covered by Medicare?
You may not be aware, but the Medicare program has been restructured drastically over the past several years and products such as walkers have had their Medicare coverage greatly reduced or eliminated entirely. Private insurance may still offer coverage on the Tour and we recommend you check with them for specifics.


Is the Tour covered by private insurance?
The Tour does meet all the requirements of a rolling walker with a seat so it may be covered by private insurance and/or Health Savings and Flexible Spending type accounts. Given all the various healthcare plans available, we recommend checking with your provider to determine the specific coverage available to you.


What is the value over a standard rollator?
The Tour's unique user-centered design is the result of 3 years of R&D and covered by 17 patents. Unique features and benefits including a fold down seat to facilitate upright walking and reduction in back and neck pressure by up to 60%, along with a flip-out tray, dual cup holders, and large integrated private storage that is conveniently located and does not have to be emptied or removed when folding up for transport. And with its modern design and choice of contemporary colors, it does not look like a medical device. Plus, the Tour is the only leading rolling walker Made in the USA.


It looks bulky, or bigger than my current rollator/walker, is it?
While the Tour may look larger than traditional walkers, the Tour's dimensions are actually the same and, in some cases, even smaller and lighter than other walkers. The molded panel design allows for the seat to fold up out of the way and the user to walk inside it rather than behind, which makes the Tour much more maneuverable than traditional rolling walkers with a fixed seat.


Does it weigh more than my current rollator/walker?
Current rollators vary between 15 – 25 lbs. depending on construction and size. Add-on trays, cupholders, and cane holders can add an additional 2-5lbs, all of which are already integrated into the Tour. The Tour's weight with all of these features already integrated is 18.5 pounds.


Does it fold for transport?
Yes. The Tour side panels easily fold in, making it compact and easy to transport. The Tour is also self-standing and can still roll when folded, to further aid in transport and storage.


Is it a substitute for a wheelchair, powered mobility scooter, or transfer chair?
The Motivo Tour is a 4-wheeled rolling walker and is NOT a substitute for a wheelchair, powered mobility scooter, transfer chair or similar mobility device. Always consult with your healthcare professional as to whether a 4-wheeled rolling walker is right for you.


Will it fit in my car?
The Tour was designed to fold compactly and fit easily in most backseats and trunks. (consult specs above)


Does it have a seat?
Yes. The Tour features the largest, most comfortable seat in the industry. The seat easily folds up when not in use allowing you to walk inside and upright.


Is the seat height adjustable?
No. The padded seat is 18.5" from the ground when used.


What type of brakes does it have?
The Tour has similar brakes as to what you would find on most rollators/walkers, which is a loop style brake which requires minimal effort to squeeze and slow the walker down.


Does it have a parking brake?
Yes, to engage the parking brake you simply push the brake lever down.


Can the handlebar height be adjusted?
Yes, the handlebars are adjustable to accommodate people from approx. 5'1" to 6'4".


Does the Tour hold an oxygen tank?
The Tours features the largest storage compartment in the industry, large enough to accommodate a small oxygen tank or concentrator. Measuring at 18" W x 6" D x 11" H it can typically accommodate tanks sizes M2 – M9 depending on the size of the regulator.


Where can I see the Tour in person?
Currently the 2021 Tour is only available via direct order. Please check in the coming months at our website as we work to add HME retailers throughout the US where you can see the Tour in person.


What is the difference between the Motivo Tour and the Up Walker
Compared to the Upwalker, the Motivo Tour is a much more modern design, up to 8 lbs lighter, small enough to be able to fit through a standard doorway and can be used easily in the home, includes a flip out tray with 2 cupholders, a private storage compartment, and comes in 4 different colors. It is also handmade right here in Wisconsin vs. produced overseas.


Where is the Tour manufactured and who actually builds it?
Each Motivo Tour is hand made to order in our own custom factory located in Wisconsin.


What is the Motivo Tour made of?
Cheese, of course, we're from Wisconsin! Actually, the entire Tour is made of a proprietary lightweight carbon composite material inspired by the aerospace and auto racing industry that is both tough and lightweight. If it were cheese, however, it definitely would be cheddar.


When can I expect my Tour to arrive?
As all Tours are hand made to order, shipping is typically within 2-3 weeks of order placement. All shipments are delivered via FedEx ground, with a shipment notification and tracking number provided via email once your Tour is on its way.


What is the return policy - SATISFACTION GUARANTEE?
Motivo offers a 30-day Satisfaction guarantee. You must call our customer service number for a return authorization.

The Motivo Tour comes with a 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee, where if for any reason you decide that the Tour is not for you within 30 days of receipt we will refund the full purchase price of the Tour, minus $49.99 for return shipping. We do NOT charge any additional restocking or handling fees.

The Tour must come back in the original packaging and in like-new condition. You will be responsible for the cost of return shipping which is $49.99.


What is the warranty?
The Motivo Tour comes with a category leading limited lifetime warranty that covers defects in the materials and workmanship for the lifetime of the original consumer, less typical wear and tear items like handle grips, seat cushions, brake cables, etc. that carry a 1-year warranty. Full warranty details are included in the User Manual, on our website, or by giving us a call.


Where else can I buy the Tour?

Currently the Motivo Tour is only available through us or at our online store We are not available at retail, amazon, or any other website.

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