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What our customers are saying

What our customers are saying

“I haven't been able to walk this far in 4 years.”

Meet Melanie, a bright, funny and inspiring young woman who hasn't let her mobility and vision challenges prevent her from going away to college and pursuing her aspirations. Join us as we visit Melanie to learn how her beloved Motivo Tour, “Carla Santana¨ has helped her navigate campus life and achieve her goals.

“My name is Lori Piper. I'm 50 years old and I have multiple sclerosis. I've been very fortunate for the last 20 years that my disability has not been severe enough to restrict me from doing anything that I wanted to do. However in last few months it's become increasingly difficult for me to walk.

I had booked a 12-day cruise to the Caribbean long before my disability became an issue. As embarkation approached I became very discouraged. It seemed obvious to me that I would not be able to walk on the ship for any distance and I was very concerned that my entire trip would be ruined. Enter Motivo.

My friends and family had almost convinced me that I was going to need a scooter for the trip. So I went online looking for medical equipment rentals. Motivo came up in one of my Google searches I was curious so I clicked through and was immediately impressed with what I saw. I ordered one that day and it arrived two days later-- just in time for my cruise. Let me tell you Motivo saved the day.

I was able to be independent on this Cruise in a way that I didn't think would be possible. I was able to walk long distances. I was able to explore without any assistance from my family. I was able to eat in restaurants. I was able to hang out on the pool deck.  I was able to serve myself in the buffet. I was able to carry around my wallet and a cocktail and a deck of cards and my sunscreen and my Kindle. There really was nothing I could not do. All because of Motivo.

I fully believe that for people with moderate disability the most important thing is staying mobile. I understand that for many fols scooters are a necessity-- however, in my case, I believe that going to a scooter would have been the absolute worst thing I could do. My condition is neurological. Giving up and not moving doesn't do anything to make me any better-- it only causes my leg muscles to get weaker. Using a device such as Motivo allows me to keep the muscles in my legs strong and limber while I wait for my neurological symptoms to recede. For someone like me it really is the perfect assistive device. It enables me to navigate the world safely while preserving the strength in my legs--and most importantly preserving my independence.

Thank you, doesn't seem like enough, Motivo, but thanks. So much.”

Lori - Bowie, MD

“I ABSOLUTELY LOVE my MOTIVO TOUR!  I am living with my husband who is 74 years young, I am 73 years and I have a caretaker most of the day. It's a busy house with narrow doorways but my Motivo allows me to go through a bunch of convoluted experiences. I also live with my 2 VERY active Border Collies that want to play ball all day. Both dogs adjusted to it and move around me or I do. Can't imagine NOT having it. There's more to my story, I can HIGHLY recommend this incredible walker.”

Harriette - Columbus, OH

“Received my Motivo Tour 5 days ago and I'm pleased. I especially like the improvement in my posture and decreased pressure on my arms. It's like starting to walk all over, so I don't move very fast, but it feels much better.”

Harriette - Columbus, OH

“I am very happy with my husband's Tour. He couldn't walk upright with the traditional walker. He is 90 and we get out to the park nearly every day and people stop us to find out more about his 'Cadillac '. Well worth every penny. It was so much better for him. Plus it is a great conversational opener. I fold and lift it into the SUV with no problem. We use the storage while walking and the table is great. We go out on the water with the tour boat and put the brakes on and don't worry. I hope you have an opportunity to get one. People ask me about it all the time.”


"Mobility is such a critical thing, and my mobility is greater with the Tour. I really like being able to make a single trip to the kitchen and carry back what I need without assistance."

Les - Decatur, TX

“I bought the Tour because I like the upright stance. What I like best are the storage and tray.”

Anonymous Tour user

“I love the tight turning radius of my Tour! My left arm is paralyzed, and it was so hard to turn my old walker, the Tour is much easier for me to handle.”

Suzanne - Mountain Home, AR

“I have severe lower back problems and was using a rollator. I like the ease of walking in the Tour. I made quite a stir at the independent living place where I live. Comments are my Cadilac, chariot or Star Wars.”

Anonymous Tour user

“The Tour has been exactly what I was looking for. Traditional walkers always left my back hurting, standing and walking with the Tour has enabled me to go places I could not or didn't think I could go. The ability to store items or get food at a buffet without help, not to mention how good it looks, puts the Tour in a category by itself!”

Scott - Longvile, MN

“When my sister and I went out to lunch at Panera with the Tour for the first time I felt people were actually looking at me as a person and wanting to know about my cool walker, as opposed to just holding the door for me and then forgetting about me.”

Susan M. - Racine, WI

“I love my Tour. I had a stroke and only have partial use of my left side. The Tour helps me to walk properly and also helps me move things, like coffee or water, from one place to another.”

Lynne - Bayside, WI

“I haven't been able to walk this far in 4 years.”

Betty - Milwaukee, WI

“This design is a dream come true!”

Bradford L., Geriatric Physical Therapist

“Thank you for letting me experience first-hand the absolute best walker on the planet. Go Motivo!“

Lisa - Scottsdale, AZ

“I feel like I'm using about 1/2 the effort because I'm more upright.“

Barbara - Milwaukee, WI

“I love this product. Such a smart idea.“

Gloria P.

“You feel embarrassed enough having to walk behind one, you might as well have one that's a reflection of you.“

Wendy - Milwaukee, WI

After 300 + hours of interviewing current walker users, Motivo identified a real need for something better.  See user responses after testing out the Motivo Tour hand-built prototype. 

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