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Celebrating Independence | 3 Easy Tips to a Better Life

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February marks National Senior Independence Month.  A perfect time to take a step back and set some goals for daily living.

 Here are 3 easy tips towards achieving a safe, independent and happy life.

 01.    Take Inventory

 Jot down a typical day in your life from start to finish. What enables you? What holds you back? When you take a step back you may notice a few pain points in your day. Sometimes a simple adjustment can go a long way.

 For example, ask yourself…

+         Are rooms well-lit all times of the day? Small plug-in lights in dark corners can improve visibility at night and potentially help avoid accidents.

+         Are walking areas free from clutter? Even shifting furniture around slightly to ensure a clear path can help. Try a few different variations.

+         Is it time to adjust to life with a walker? It doesn’t have to mean losing your independence. The Motivo Tour allows you to walk naturally and upright, and helps to put everyday items within reach.

 02.    Set Goals

 Is it possible to be more active throughout the day? Simple exercises and stretches can help reduce the risk of falls and provide freedom of movement.

 The National Institute on Aging has some great beginner stretches to consider.

 It’s also important to keep your brain sharp, no matter what your age. How about incorporating brain teasers for ten minutes each day? Here’s a fun 10 question quiz from Forbes.

 Whether you increase physical or mental exercise, setting goals – even small to start – can set you up for success. Be realistic, write them down, and hold yourself accountable. If you miss something this week, don’t stress or become discouraged. Simply start fresh on Monday with a positive attitude.

 03.    Get Involved

 Are there ways you can help your community? Your neighbors?

 If you’re looking to volunteer your time, Senior Corps connects individuals to service opportunities where they are needed most.

We all need each other in one way or another.


 Looking for more? Here are a few other resources on independent living:

+         Administration on Aging, providing services and programs designed to live independently in your home and community.

+, information and tools to help you and those you care about stay healthy.


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