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Get Off Your Computer, Now

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Unless you’re reading this on your mobile device on a park bench, there’s a good chance at this very moment you’re inside. Probably sitting in a chair. Calmly soaking in some web surfing time before you move onto your next thing.

Well, we’d like to give a suggestion on this next agenda item.

Get outside.

Hold on. If it’s raining or quite late out, maybe wait. But, in all other circumstance, barring any pressing appointment, hop off your computer and pop your head into the wild.

Have we persuaded you yet? If not, here are 4.5 good reasons to get outside, now.

01 Vitamin D. It’s no secret that the sun radiates a heavy amount of benefits each day, as long as you’re being mindful of being overly exposed. The right amount for your skin and age of Vitamin D helps teeth and bones, along with supplying a protective effect against multiple diseases.

02 Fresh Perspective. Between the new surroundings, outside air and sense of adventure, something as simple as a brief walk or simply sitting and     taking in the view can instantly change your view of how you’re feeling right now. Why? Well, because you’re literally changing your view. It truly is a breath of fresh air.

03 Eye Health. Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) is a real thing. It means headaches, blurred vision and overall eye pain from staring at this screen too   long. So, when you’re enjoying your next hike, maybe leave the mobile phone in your pocket.

04 Sleep Better. Natural sleep patterns definitely help come from natural light. Being locked up inside all day with artificial light can alter your system as internal clock. Get your rhythm back.

4.5 Depending on where you live, there might be better months than others to easily and simply enjoy the outdoors. If you’re one of this people, what     better time is there than the present?

So, go on, get out there and see where the world takes you.

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