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Traveling with the Tour

Traveling with the Tour

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The logistics of travel are often one of life’s many challenges. Even for the most experienced and savvy traveler, factoring limited mobility into the equation makes the notion of taking a trip a daunting one. But, with the Motivo Tour, travel doesn’t have to be such an epic adventure.

Airports are notoriously difficult to navigate. From the discount parking lots located miles from the airport to the preferred lots next door to the terminal, just getting to the ticketing counter can be a lengthy trip. Once inside, the terminal’s expansive spaces, long hallways and even longer security lines add difficulty to an already stressful experience.

The most common mistake any traveler makes is not creating enough time for their needs. When traveling with any kind of mobility limitation, it’s important to minimize any extra obstacles that may exist along the way. It’s also possible to ease the experience by creating adequate layers of time between the obstacles that need navigating.

With regard to navigating through the airport, using the Motivo Tour is a great idea. The perfect amount of storage and stow-away seating make getting through a long security line just that much easier. These same features also make stopping for refreshments at a busy food court a much less cumbersome task. Pro tip: Stopping to procure one bottle of water and one protein-heavy snack will provide the energy needed to mentally and physically take the journey.

When traveling with the Motivo Tour, it will have to be inspected by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) personnel at the security gates. Your Tour will be inspected, and likely admired with positive remarks as TSA agents see dozens of traditional walkers and ordinary rollators every day, as it’s checked through security. Pro tip: Mentally prepare for a longer security check, but be sure to advise TSA reps that you’ll need assistance getting through the checkpoint.

Wheelchair access is available from the airlines if traveling with your Motivo Tour isn’t part of the plan, and an attendant can be a huge help from the ticket counter, through security, and all the way to the gate. Pro tip: notify the airline at least 48 hours before any trip that a wheelchair should be made available.

At the plane, it’s possible to gate-check the Motivo Tour. Pro tip: Talk to the gate agent to confirm how they’ll handle your Tour, as where it may be stowed varies from airline to airline as well as the size of the plane.

There’s no award for arriving to the destination first. Consider that when making all necessary travel arrangements because the important thing is to enjoy the journey. Pro tips on time considerations:

       Book the flight well in advance and follow up with a call to the travel agent or airline directly to ensure that all mobility-related needs can be met.

       Make travel plans to and from the airport in advance with a taxi or shuttle service. This will help to avoid frustrations upon arrival and departure.

       Arrive at the airport 60 minutes earlier than advised. This will account for the extra time necessary for any pre-arranged accommodations.

       Allow 60 minutes between connecting flights in order to ensure ample time to get the Tour from gate-check to gate-check and then have time to walk between gates.

Most importantly, pace yourself. The Motivo Tour is designed to keep its users active, but make time to sit, deactivate for a while, and enjoy the experience. At your destination, it’s all about making memories, and you’ll be glad you traveled with your Motivo Tour.