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Study Shows Best Way to Walk:Roll

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The Swedish Handicap Institute researched the possibilities for improvement and success with walker use. "The Importance of a 4-Wheeled Walker" discusses their three-year study of senior women using rolling walkers for mobility. Researchers concluded that wheeled walker use compensated for "...reduced functional ability..." in many ways.

  • Improved mobility
  • Increased independence
  • Increased outdoor mobility
  • Muscular and skeletal strengthening
  • Reduced dependence on home care 

To help you get similar results from your rollator, consider two simple goals for 2015.

Look at your rollator in a new way

Many Americans see walkers and other mobility aids as a stigma or even a weakness.  That mindset often leads to needless reduction in exercise, travel and participation in society.  In the SHI study, we learn that participants saw no stigma in their use of mobility aids, and found them to be very useful for regaining mobility.  That means “mind over matter” could make a significant difference in staying active and mobile. 

Update your rollator or walker technology

The SHI study found using a four-wheeled walker can improve mobility. If your health care provider says a four-wheeled walker is right for you, you should know that since the study was conducted, there has been a massive leap forward in rollator technology.

The newest rollators, (like Motivo’s own Tour: you can check it out here) and walkers have features to make them more user friendly, with secured storage, seats and other convenience features- so using them isn’t such a chore. In fact, today’s rollators can make it much easier and safer to perform daily tasks than the type used in the SHI study. Check out the latest in mobility aids, you may find an upgrade is the easiest way to improve your mobility.

For more information on how to use walkers and rollators, go to the National Institutes of Health site, here.

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