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Take a Pledge for Parents’ Day

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Take a Pledge for Parents’ Day

Did you know? Parents’ Day is approaching. July 26, 2015 to be exact.

You might be thinking, “I didn’t even know Parents’ Day existed,” and if so, we’re glad we’ve filled you in. Or, you might think, “shouldn’t every day be a day to celebrate parents?” If so, we’re with you.

So, here are 3 reasons why parents rock. Today. Or any other day you’re reading this.

Take the pledge to remember what your own parents have done for you, and even consider how that translates into you being a parent or mentor in someone else’s life.

01 They’re why you’re here. From the moment of your first breath to being in the moment right now and everything in between, your parents brought you into this world. Yes, this is the most obvious, but sometimes the most obvious can be the least obvious over time.

02 They have wisdom to share. Who taught you how to take your first step? Who helped during your first break up? If it was your parents, chances are it was something they’ve been through before and had the experience to make you feel a little better. We connect through identification and hope. It’s even better when the other person has guidance and personal experience. It’s even better when that person is your parent.

03 They unconditionally lack conditions. When all else fails, there are people in our lives who are there no matter what. For many, the primary people who play this role are parents. When that happens, we’re lucky enough to have a port in the storm to keep us persevering.

By now you might be remembering certain memories with your parents. If you can, give them a call. Tell them you love them. If you can’t, spend time today sharing a nice message with a good friend on how you admire their parenting skills. We all know it’s one of the least paid, 24/7 jobs on the planet!

Remember that your parents can inspire the person you are and the actions you take each day. In fact, parents of Motivo founders, Jennifer and Jeremy, actually inspired the Tour. And, if you or one of your parents are looking for more independence in their life, the Tour might be a perfect fit. Not a rollator and more than a walker. It’s a mobility device like nothing you’ve ever seen.

Learn more about the Motivo Tour here and try it for a parent or yourself.

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