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Take Control of Your Health

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Your body is more prone to certain conditions as you age, but there are many things you can do now to potentially prevent disease.

Here are a few ways to proactively take care of your health:

  1. Annual Physical – Important to have, regardless of age, a regular physical allows your doctor to monitor your general health, which will give them a point of reference if any issues surface. The basic tests include blood pressure, height and weight. Your physician may recommend additional routine tests depending on your current health and family history.                                                                                   
  2. Well-Balanced Diet –You truly are what you eat. What you put into your body has impact throughout your system. It really is like feeding an engine and finding out what helps you run at your most efficient and effective levels. There are so many questions out there, the best place to start is by consuming information on what works for you. So, take a peek at our Eating Well, Living Well blog for more nutrition tips.  
  3. Sleep – There are several sleep disturbances that can arise with age. Sleep patterns often adjust and the time in actual deep sleep can shorten. Common symptoms of sleep disorders include trouble falling asleep, waking up extremely early, frequent waking up in the middle of the night. Sometimes the solution is as simple as training your body and mind to get in a regular routine; setting a time to wake up each morning and go to sleep each night. The National Sleep Foundation recently reevaluated sleep needs based on age. See the findings on our blog here:                                                          
  4. Exercise –We’re made to move. Staying active helps provide higher levels of purpose and confidence, not to mention the flexibility and foundation being built for the future. Performed in the proper manner, the physical benefits assist in actions everyday, but that’s not all.  Don’t forget, exercise can also include your mind. Keeping your brain sharp as you age can go a long way.                                                             
  5. Independence – Maintaining your independence, especially as you age, can help facilitate a happy life. This includes mobility. The Motivo Tour allows you to walk tall, naturally and upright, putting everyday items within reach.

In what ways do you take control of your health?

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