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Taking Pride in Your Purpose

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It’s not only what we do which defines us, but also the way in which we do it.

And that’s not only important to the people around us, but also to ourselves. Because when we’re pouring personal passion into something, it turns our potential into something greater. It turns it into actionable and designed purpose.

It’s this purpose we step into each day at Motivo.

It’s this same sensibility at the core of Kevin Robinson.

Kevin in many ways is a caregiver, in some ways a humble musician and in a very big way a trusted partner who helps express the Motivo mission daily at Knueppel HealthCare Services, a Tour-carrying dealer in Wisconsin where he’s a DME Specialist.

Recently, Kevin shared with us why he’s inspired every morning, what it’s like helping someone transition into mobility aids and how the Motivo Tour is a brand new idea to something that’s been around for a long time.

“In one word, altruism,” Robinson shared when asked what moves him. “It’s the burning desire to use whatever skills I have to make a real difference in peoples’ lives.”

Kevin brings this selfless attitude when helping someone adapt to the idea of needing help. “It’s not about me. It’s about them. So, I listen and come to their level. Every single one of their concerns can be converted into an opportunity by looking at through the lens of freedom. It might be a new way of life, but it’s one that includes independence as opposed to constraints.”

It’s that independence by design at the core of Motivo’s calling. How does Kevin see the new Tour fit into this vision? “The Tour is the complete package. Form perfectly meets function. It’s a completely new take on an old idea. It takes the walker to its next evolutionary phase.”

What makes this all worthwhile?

“There’s nothing like a hug from a patient. It’s at that moment where you both realize there’s something larger going on. Something that pushes the daily concerns and worries aside, something that you can pour your heart into. And that’s a life lived with purpose and freedom.”

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