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Dr. Clay Frank

Dr. Clay Frank is a Board Certified Orthopedic Spinal Surgeon and a Fellowship Trained Spinal Specialist. His philosophy is to treat patients as he would any family member. Dr. Frank is a nationally recognized researcher and expert on technology that allows patients with misdiagnosed or underdiagnosed sacroiliac joint problems a chance for relief, often from years of debilitating pain, with minimally invasive surgery. 

Why I Chose the Motivo Tour

As an orthopedic spine surgeon with 20 years of experience, I've seen the long-term effects of using traditional wheeled walkers.  Bent forward posture with increased pressure on the low back and the neck as well as the hands and forearms leads to pain in those areas. Patients subsequently decrease the amount of time they spend walking and therefore spend more time at home with reduced social contact and increased isolation from friends and relatives. Fewer weight-bearing activities lead to increased bone loss osteoporosis. Everyday activities such as cooking and cleaning become difficult if not impossible. Even a simple act such as preparing themselves a sandwich and carrying it into the living room is not possible with the traditional tube frame walker. Until the Motivo Tour, these patients didn't have another option.

In spring of 2017,  I needed extensive foot reconstructive surgery. I would have limited weight bearing ability for 3-4 months.  As a fit, active 52-year-old, husband of a wife with a full-time job, and father of two busy college-aged girls, I went from the guy who ran a busy spine surgery practice, did the shopping and cooking and errand running to a disabled patient with significant mobility limitations.  The loss of my independence caused by my surgery was extremely tough on me, both mentally and physically.  

When I came home from the hospital, I was given one of the traditional tube frame walkers. I tried to use it for a few days but quickly noticed the unwanted side effects of walking bent over - my low back started to hurt. A friend recommended the Motivo Tour. I noticed an immediate difference in my posture and my ability to perform simple everyday tasks like making a cup of coffee and preparing a sandwich. Prior to surgery, I took these activities for granted. During my recovery and rehabilitation, the Motivo Tour allowed me to regain my independence more quickly and made me feel closer to “normal.” 

Wherever I went, the Motivo Tour was always the "star of the show" and, gathered a lot of positive attention and questions from both friends and strangers. While using the Tour in public, I did not feel like the "disabled guy." 

The Motivo Tour allowed me to do simple tasks. And after months of being dependent on others, I finally felt like myself again. I walked upright, not bent over, I didn't feel disabled or handicapped, and I felt like I was setting an example for others who needed a mobility device.

After reviewing the medical literature and scientific evidence that proved that walking upright reduces the pressure on the low back and reflecting on my own experience with the Tour, I’m excited to help bring the physical and functional benefits of this unique and special wheeled walker to others with mobility issues and physical limitations.