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A Closer Look at Motivo’s Innovative HME Retail Award

A Closer Look at Motivo’s Innovative HME Retail Award

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The Motivo Tour was awarded with an Innovative HME Retail Product Award at this year's Medtrade Fall 2016.  Medtrade's Greg Thompson sits down with co-founder Jeremy Knopow to find out why the judges and attendees responded so well the Tour - a reinvented walker.  

Greg Thompson, editor, Medtrade Monday: Why do you think you did so well in the Innovative HME Retail Product awards? 
Jeremy Knopow, co-founder, Motivo – Independence by Design: Based on the feedback we’ve received from dealers and end users alike, the unique benefits of being able to walk more upright, carry what you need to be more independent, and do it all with a modern product design that doesn’t make you feel so much like a medical patient, have all contributed to making the Motivo Tour a hit in the retail space.

Those insights stem from the devotion we have to always being able to trace our design decisions back to the voice of the customer, something my Co-Founder Jennifer Harris and I have refined over 20+ years designing consumer retail products for major brands.

Thompson: Why is retail/caretail so important in today's HME world? 
Knopow: Two main reasons; One as we all know is the world of competitive bidding that has required most HME dealers to evolve to retail/caretail to survive. Carrying products such as the Tour will attract customers to the store. Second, and probably most impactful, is that HME customers are changing rapidly, and they are demanding a retail atmosphere. 

Baby boomers are not like their parents, they don’t want to go into an HME store filled with medical devices and buy products that make them or the parents they are buying for feel old.  They want something that meets both their desired form and function needs, and a retail approach is the best way to do that.

Thompson: What type of customers (end users) will be using your products?
Knopow: Our customers are those who don’t want to settle with just getting by, for themselves or their loved ones.  They want to maintain their independence as best they can while still projecting their own sense of identity and pride as a person, not just a patient. 

Thompson: What are your plans for Medtrade Spring?
Knopow: Medtrade has been a great show for Motivo with unbelievable response. Medtrade Spring [Feb 27-March 1 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas) is certainly on our planning radar.

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