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Motivo Launches New 2018 Motivo TourĀ® Walker Nationwide

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Motivo Launches New 2018 Motivo Tour® Walker Nationwide

Revolutionary Design Reduces Back & Neck Pressure by up to 60 Percent

MILWAUKEE--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Motivo, Inc., a company dedicated to enhancing independence through design, today announced the U.S. launch of its 2018 Motivo Tour® Walker, a family of rolling walkers that provides reduced back and neck pressure through a revolutionary design that sets it apart from any other mobility device.

“We decided that our goal was to reestablish pride and dignity, while also improving mobility. We wanted to design for a person, not just a medical condition.”

“Our goal for The Tour was to design something that gives users the independence and individuality they deserve and to provide a modern alternative to the standard bent-tube walkers,” said Jeremy Knopow, co-founder, Motivo. “We wanted a product which enabled the user the ability to walk more upright, carry what they need to be more independent, and do it all with a modern product design that doesn’t them feel like a medical patient.”

Starting at $499, The Tour is now available at and includes:

  • Patented design: The Tour is made of lightweight and ultra-durable materials to deliver an unmatched build quality. With a stow-away seat design, The Tour allows users to walk upright inside the frame rather than behind it and hunched over like traditional rolling walkers with fixed seats. This upright posture enables a natural walking stride and relieves back and neck pressure by up to 60 percent. Standing inside The Tour, rather than behind it, improves stability and reduces the risk of falls. For added confidence, the Motivo Tour is backed by a limited lifetime warranty and made in Wisconsin.
  • Features enabling independence: The Tour is the first walker designed with lifestyle practicality in mind. It has a zero-turn radius, two cup holders, a flip out tray and a large private storage compartment large enough to hold mobile phones, tablets, and purses. The everyday convenience features allow the user to live independently and move about safely. Even with these integrated convenience features, The Tour is the same size as other four-wheel walkers and folds compactly for easy transport and storage.
  • Customizable classic design and premier configurations: The Tour is as stylish as it is practical. The user can personalize their Tour by choosing from a range of custom color options and surface finishes.

“We found that many falls were caused by people not using their walkers when they should have because they felt embarrassed. This happened with my own grandmother,” said Knopow. “We decided that our goal was to reestablish pride and dignity, while also improving mobility. We wanted to design for a person, not just a medical condition.”

Mobility Cited as Most Common Disability Among Americans

Today’s nationwide launch follows positive feedback from users who received a limited release of The Tour in 2017. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that one in five Americans – more than 50 million people – have disabilities of some kind, with the most common being a mobility limitation, whether permanent, temporary, post-surgical or illness-related. More than 6.1 million people nationwide regularly need a mobility device such as a cane, walker or crutches to assist with mobility, according to the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research.

“Following foot reconstructive surgery, I struggled using a traditional tube-frame walker, but regained my independence using The Tour,” said Dr. Clay Frank, a physician, board certified orthopedic spinal surgeon and fellowship-trained spinal specialist. “One of the key ways to improve recovery time for patients who are recovering from surgery or who have had an injury is to increase compliance – that is ensuring that people are actually using their walkers. The Motivo Tour can help users regain independence and decrease the likelihood of injury from not complying with doctor’s orders because perhaps they were embarrassed to use the old style walkers.”

About Motivo

Inspired by the needs of our own family members, Motivo was founded on the premise that independence enabling products should be designed for people’s lives, not just their conditions.

Headquartered in New Berlin, Wis., the Motivo founders leverage their combined 40+ years of product design experience to bring that mission to life. Following hundreds of hours of user testing, countless prototypes, and nearly four years of research and development, Motivo is proud to introduce the all-new 2018 Tour® – the revolutionary mobility product for seniors, veterans, those suffering from Cerebral Palsy, Parkinson’s, and anyone else that just needs a little extra help getting around. For more information, visit

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